We all anticipated the win totals of the NFL season which came out back in May and we’ve already seen some considerable line movement. Some ships have sailed and aren’t coming back (BUF 7, CHI 8.5), but there is still more than enough value to be had. Here are two season win totals worth considering that we were able to come up after updating our offseason power rankings and customizing a new strength of schedule for 2012.

San Francisco 49ers UNDER 10
2012 Offseason: This team immediately went out and addressed their problems in the passing game. Randy Moss and Mario Manngingham have been added to open up the offense (though doubts are there with Moss for he might just be nothing more than window dressing). They also took A.J. Jenkins in round 1 – with mixed reviews.

Colin Kaepernick has a year of clipboard development, another feather to his hat, and he will continue to push for playing time. Smith seems safer for now, but the question is for how long? Josh Johnson has an interesting link with Harbaugh from college as well.
In order to beef up the running game, you can expect to see Brandon Jacob and Rock Cartwright to be brought in so let’s see how it would turn out.
There is a little bit of continuity when it comes to defense but not a single significant change to note.

Depending on how you see things, one could simply guess to either ride or fade San Fran in 2012. It is common that a team struggles in key areas and thrives in the hidden stats doesn’t have much go right the following year. At the same time, well-coached teams that take care of the supplemental categories can make it part of their personality going forward (the Bears are a good example of this).

NFL Odds makers threw up a generic ‘10’ on the board for their season win total, but no one has taken the bait. How about the fans of NFL football betting?

We don’t really know what will happen if Kaepernick takes over at some point this year, but one thing is quite sure, there wouldn’t be much of an adjustment to be made as people might think.

Back in 2011, they have ranked close to rock bottom in passing, red zone/third down offense, and points from long drives.

St Louis Rams Over 6
2012 Off season: There’s quite a number of what to like with what St Louis did this off season, and it begins with the head coach. Jeff Fisher brings instant credibility to a team that desperately needs a rock at the center of the rebuild. Luring Finnegan from the Titans was a big coup. Another great move is getting Scott Wells to play center. Who knows if Steve Smith will pay off, but he can’t be any worse than what they had last year, so can he?

In the 2nd round, Isaiah Pead was drafted by St Louis in order to serve as a counter-punch for SJ. Who knows how many touches Jackson has left, so aiming for that position is essential. In round 2, they grabbed a WR in Brian Quick too.

When it comes to their defense, it seems that Gregg Williams was suspended at a very bad time. Strangely, there isn’t a clear-cut replacement for him. The good news is, that the personnel on the field should be improved especially with Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins at corner.

It won’t be a surprise if they rely a lot on 1st rounder Michael Brockers at DT. There will be growing pains, but fresh blood is always better than fading veterans when a rebuild is in motion. In fact, the D-line could become a strength if they cans stay healthy. It’s also not a surprise if this team started the year with a rookie kicker.

Their season win total opened at 6. In this division, a quick turnaround isn’t out of the question. They have a softer schedule this year compared to the previous year, across the board health, and rock-solid offseason, I think this is a team that can win 7 games and maybe even challenge for the division.

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