If you’re not well versed with sports, but interested in betting on them, baseball is one of the easiest to wager on. As opposed to basketball and football, where you have to deal with point spreads and other confusing stuff. When you do baseball betting, you just bet on the outcome of a game. What’s more, a baseball season lasts longer than any other sport, which means more games and bigger chances to win loads of cash. The major difference between baseball betting and other sports such as basketball and football is while others use point spreads, baseball betting uses the moneyline. So what is a point spread? It is the most common betting type done in basketball, football, and other sports that are based on a point system. An oddsmaker spreads the odds of a certain game by taking away points from the favorite, which is the team most likely to win the match, and adding points to the underdog, which is the team most likely to lose.

A moneyline in baseball betting is done when an oddsmaker sets the odds strictly on the outcome of the game. To even things up, bettors should place more money on the favorite and risk less on the underdog. For example, if the moneyline is -170 on the favorite and plus -150 on the underdog, you need to bet $170 on the favorite in order to profit $100. On the other hand, if you bet $100 on the underdog, you would win $150 dollars if they win the game. The difference between the -170 on the favorite and the +150 on the underdog is known as the twenty cent line. And if the moneyline is -160 on the favorite and +150 on the underdog, it is called the ten cent line or dime line.

Sportsbooks also offer total bets and run lines in baseball betting.

• Total Bets

These wagers are based on the sum of the runs scored by both of the teams. For example, if the sportsbook sets the over – under total of a match to 7, the over wins if the sum of the runs scored by both teams exceeds 7, and the under wins if it sums up to less than 7.

• The Run Line

This type of wager is the baseball variation of the point spread. When you are betting on the run line, you are betting on whether one of the teams will win by more than one run, which is marked as -1.5 or stays within one run, marked as plus +1.5.

Although the moneyline makes baseball betting simpler than basketball and footballball betting, it makes the calculation of the payoff more complicated. Here are a few tips to make things easier:

1. To calculate the payoff when betting on the favorite, you should add 1 to the favorite’s price then divide it by the price.

2. To calculate the payoff when betting on the underdog, you should add 1 to the underdog price.

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