Apparently the looming 66 games is almost here and pretty much everyone is in a panic mode and have been wide awake at night thinking about it. That’s right, players, coaches, bookmakers, referees, fans, general managers and owners are burning the midnight oil just pondering on the idea. What will be different when we bet on NBA now? That is a question that a lot of us are affected.

The abbreviation of the season to a 66-game season, each and every game has only become even more important and valuable. Teams will have to play games back-to-back this season and that will like take a toll on the older teams of the league. Also, if you are keeping a long term strategy for the traditional 82-game season, you may have to adjust your strategy to fit perfectly with this one.

We know that the online betting sites point spread will adjust and have a built-in guide for teams playing three games in a row, the fact remains that it will be a grind and it will cause problems throughout the league.

From the day the training camp starts, December 9, everything will be on a fast forwards as decisions will have to be made in whip on free agents, trades, other roster moves and the rotation of the team as a whole.

Getting immediate losers here will also be made quickly so teams should really push hard and for people who bet on NBA then try to adjust your bankrolls as well.

Older teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics can find themselves struggling with the younger teams in the league. Mike Brown, Lakers’ coach this season has revamped their offense and defense.

Kobe is now in his 15th season and he has averaged a bit over 25 points per game over 1,003 regular season games, not to mention that same average over the course of the 208 playoff games – the equivalent of an additional 2.5 NBA seasons.

The team may take time to go with the flow since there are a lot of new things. The feeling at this point is that they will surely be over bet in the future odds.

The Boston Celtics may have to get some lending hand from younger players since the core of the team; Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are on the other side of their careers even if they will benefit for a shorter season.

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