The NBA betting world generally produces lower win percentage for books unlike in football. The few reasons for this include players playing fewer teasers in basketball as opposed to football. Teasers retain a higher percentage for the house than do straights, so fewer teasers means a slightly lower hold percentage. The theory is that there is more teaser action in football because of key numbers.

Let’s say that we are going to make a teaser bet with the NY Giants from -8 to -2 and crossing the key numbers 7,6,4 and 3 should greatly help in increasing the chance of winning that bet. Let’s go over with the impact of a teaser bet with the NY Knicks from -7 to -3 and it will prove to be harder to measure since there are no key numbers crossed in that play.

Another thing is that that there are more games so any one upset is less likely to impact the bottom line as much as any one football game.
Key numbers are factors. Moving the line from -2.5 to -3 to -3.5 to -4 would never be done in football but it’s not really unusual with basketball.

Basketball Betting Strategy
NBA betting may prove to be difficult but it sure pays off and it has a huge following of fans and NBA betting enthusiasts. The NBA plays almost every day so starting here can be a bit intimidating since you don’t have much time to do some handicapping.

A reliable strategy in NBA betting is to always keep your focus narrow until you’ve come to point where you are an expert and can go from there. Start with one team or one division until you get used to the daily routine and eventually it will be pretty easy and only take a few minutes each day.

Expanding your gambling horizons from the gridiron to the hardwood will increase you opportunities to increase your bankroll.

For people who are starting with NBA betting, you can practice your skills with college basketball betting and level up from there. The 82-game season for the NBA can be very rapid and a beginner should start slowly and surely. Choose the games that you really want to bet on and don’t bet on any game available. Try to keep a budget and a limit of how much you want to win and lose and once you’ve reached it, stopping will be your cue.

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