It is March! And it is the favorite month of sports lover. This is mainly because of March madness or the NCAA men’s basketball tournament finals. Everybody loves March madness. What’s not to love? It has all the action that a sports event would have, plus filling out March madness bracket is exciting and challenging at the same time!

March madness indeed has everything that sports is all about. There is the hope that comes from the No. 16 seed, the March madness brackets and the commentators that only come around once a year. March Madness is a tournament that goes beyond a college basketball fanbase. Today, every Americans knows March madness. Everyone has a bracket, even the President. So what makes March Madness really stands up from the rest? Here are some points on in it.

The Cinderella – Every year, there is always a Cinderella team that emerge. This is one of the best parts of the NCAA tournament. The fact that any team can push through and win their conference title in pursuit of a national title and actually get the chance to win it is what makes the tourney great. The Cinderella doesn’t win much, but they still draw a ton of bandwagon fans during the first week of the tournament. After all, it’s always fun to root for the underdog.

March Madness Bracket – March madness bracket is a phenomenon! Other sports have tried to use the same type of format to drum up a following for the post season, but nothing compares to Bracketology. Not only does the President carry a bracket, but I am pretty sure everyone from secretary to CEO does as well. March Madness reigns over the lively world of cubicle cities everywhere.

The Fall of Goliath Teams - Just as much fun as it is to watch the Cinderella succeed, watching the big seeds team fall is a bit fun as well. There will always be puffed-up seeds for a number of reasons. Whether they won in an overrated conference that performs well historically, or if they slammed a bunch of low level talent, it’s fun to watch the overrated fall.

The Commentators - The unique commentary that comes with college basketball is unbeatable. Names like Joe Lunardi, Jay Bilas and Gus Johnson. Johnson is really all you need with his awesome on-air scream for a team’s deep three-point game-winning shot. The others bring great commentary and hilarity to the selection process and keep the tournament what it is meant to be: fun.

The Dance Lines - One of the best pieces of the pageantry that comes with the tournament is the dance lines. After all, the half-court show is as much a part of the game as free throws, am I right? No matter who your favorite team is, you can always appreciate the other guy’s team colors when it is being worn by one of the young ladies that take to the court at halftime.

There is no other tournament that takes over the country quite like March Madness. So enjoy this month and jump into the March madness craze!

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