Yes! It is the month of March already and you know why we love March? Because it is now time for the March Madness betting season. Who does not love March Madness betting? What is there not to love about March Madness betting? It is one of the most talked about events of the year for a lot of people. These people are those who love the game of basketball. They are patriotic about their hometown college sports team and love betting on basketball, especially when there is so much action happening in that month-long event. If you are the type of person who love all three of these factors—your high school team, the sport of basketball and betting then March Madness betting is the season that all of you have been waiting for.

Some reports state that if you want to see the life of middle America, all you have to do is look and observe what happens during March Madness and you will see how Americans truly live the values that they love and give importance to. According to a newspaper report, there is no higher amount of wagering going on in the office than March Madness betting. This means that basketball and betting fans alike in the office near you are into March Madness betting. In this season, you will also see the rise of students, even those that are still in college, participating in the betting events going on around them. So really, it is all kinds of people from all walks of life that enjoy March Madness betting. It is also an exciting year even if you are not a fan of college basketball.

In this season, you can divert your attention to potentially great students who can be the next NBA stars. I am sure many of you have seen the skills of retired basketball superstar Michael Jordan during his March Madness days. So as you can see, professional basketball is rooted in the season of March Madness.

The first March Madness event actually happened in Illinois. From just one high school team competing against another, it grew to 900 schools fielding their own basketball teams to compete against each other in the 1930s. This was an era before the television and expensive pro league franchises. It was said that March Madness was the reason why basketball became so popular.

An official of the Illinois High school Association was so amazed by the event that he wrote an essay entitled “March Madness.“

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