You probably know a lot about March Madness betting. After all, it is the most popular week in March or even the year for sports fans, students and professional gamblers. You should know that it really refers to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division I basketball competition. It is dubbed to be a time of true American (North American, that is) sportsmanship and it is where you see sports fans, gamers and gamblers become one with all the enjoyment and activity for the month that we love the most. We are going to cut to the chase and tell you what you should know about March Madness betting and why you should enjoy this age-old tradition of American sports. The reason why March Madness betting is so popular probably because it goes on for only a month, making the games pretty much hyped up. You can see that things get heightened up in the span of three weeks. And on the fourth week, things reach fever pitch; which is amazing because people will be able to witness all the action that is happening. The betting action that happens in this month spans to all kinds of people from all walks of life. In fact, they are mostly students and sports fans (but really mostly students) who get in on the action and flurry of March Madness betting. Also, most of the participants come from North America.

The tradition of March Madness betting had its roots planted in 1939 and it has come a long way. March Madness betting has also become popular because of its inspiring underdog stories. They are stories of teams that you think would have lost wind, but won because of home court advantage and the cheering of fellow students and college basketball fans.

The March Madness betting season has also created a wonderful array of NCAA dynasties.

Because it is known to be such an exciting season, you will see a lot of betting taking place. And just how popular this is? Well, it is the most popular event in office betting pools and there is most likely a March Madness betting event happening in the office water cooler near you.

You want to know another way to gauge just how popular the game is? Beginning this year, anyone, including yourself, will be able to watch the game live on your TV screens. Huge broadcasting networks such as CBS and Turner Station (TBS, TNT, and truTV) will be live streaming the events. So, this could be more fun for fans of betting on this sport.

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