_Don’t know how to spot a great horse who will take the first place? Fret not since we have a few tips that can help you pick which horse may be the best contender for the first place position. Free horse picks are available online but of course, don’t take away the fact that you too can come up with your own opinions and not rely on someone else.

Pay Attention Be Aware
As a horse bettor, you should be well aware to observe horses. Be aware of horses that had their last run at the same track and distance at coming race you want to bet on. Horses like humans are creatures of habit and this can often improve on its last performance. The trainer obviously has his reasons for sending his runner back and watching if these horses can throw up some big value winners.

Keep a Close Eye on Horses
Of course you don’t keep an eye on every horse you see. Take particularly the horses that have finished 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th in each of their last 4-5 runs of the current season. These horses have proved that they are consistent and that is a great sign and can take advantage of. You want a horse you can predict easily and that is a horse you want to bet on.

Horse Classes
Try to observe horses that have won over the distance ‘D’ or better, have won at a course over ‘C’. Horse bettors always go for horses that win the higher classes of races.

Favorite Horses
Favored horses are usually priced 5/2 or smaller, if they are favored in their last run but have larger odds for the coming race and are running with same or lesser class then these horses will have a bad run and have caused the public to lose confidence in them but this technique can throw up some big priced winners.

If a horse is a large priced favorite because of a notable drop in class like two levels or more, look for other horses that have done the exact same thing but are on the market for higher odds. The lower priced horse is often one that has been tipped by popular pundits or the media and the other in a same position can offer much better value.

Free horse picks aren’t always available from experts but if you know how to pick a horse from the start and knowing what you’re getting yourself into then there’s no problem.

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