_Don’t know how to spot a great horse who will take the first place? Fret not since we have a few tips that can help you pick which horse may be the best contender for the first place position. Free horse picks are available online but of course, don’t take away the fact that you too can come up with your own opinions and not rely on someone else.

Pay Attention Be Aware
As a horse bettor, you should be well aware to observe horses. Be aware of horses that had their last run at the same track and distance at coming race you want to bet on. Horses like humans are creatures of habit and this can often improve on its last performance. The trainer obviously has his reasons for sending his runner back and watching if these horses can throw up some big value winners.

Keep a Close Eye on Horses
Of course you don’t keep an eye on every horse you see. Take particularly the horses that have finished 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th in each of their last 4-5 runs of the current season. These horses have proved that they are consistent and that is a great sign and can take advantage of. You want a horse you can predict easily and that is a horse you want to bet on.

Horse Classes
Try to observe horses that have won over the distance ‘D’ or better, have won at a course over ‘C’. Horse bettors always go for horses that win the higher classes of races.

Favorite Horses
Favored horses are usually priced 5/2 or smaller, if they are favored in their last run but have larger odds for the coming race and are running with same or lesser class then these horses will have a bad run and have caused the public to lose confidence in them but this technique can throw up some big priced winners.

If a horse is a large priced favorite because of a notable drop in class like two levels or more, look for other horses that have done the exact same thing but are on the market for higher odds. The lower priced horse is often one that has been tipped by popular pundits or the media and the other in a same position can offer much better value.

Free horse picks aren’t always available from experts but if you know how to pick a horse from the start and knowing what you’re getting yourself into then there’s no problem.

_If you are only beginning to experience the fun of horse betting and don’t know where to get reliable free horse picks then it’s better to come up with one of your own. There are free horse picks online where you can read but having to come up with your own free horse pick is priceless and gives more to chew on.

The thing is, there are people who involves themselves with horse racing but don’t know how to pick a horse. Today, we will be running down on the tips for beginners and teach them how to pick a horse that will make it to the first place.

Do your homework
This means that you must research on all the horses and the track that they are going to race on. You should also have some brain functioning abilities in order to come up with your own opinions about a race.

The Track
There are race tracks that horses will be good at and tracks where horses will suck mostly. Knowing this information will definitely help you pick which horse will make it to the finish line before the rest of the horses. Look for horses’ information and take a look if they have raced the same track in the past. For those horses that you think haven’t raced in the same track then perhaps there’s a track they have raced before that is quite similar.
Take special note of the horse that finished first in the same track in the race. There’s a possibility that the same horse will leave the other horses in the dust.

The Horses
Horses train for races and that has become their life. You can take a look at information if the horse has run recently even if it were only in training. Always favor horses that have recently ran than the horse that have not ran for weeks.

If there’s an odd situation where a horse’s odds fall sharply right before the race starts, then the horse is a good pick. It often means that there’s someone who has reliable information on the horse.

The Jockey
Horses have affinities with their jockeys. If a great horse has a new jockey then you may want to rethink betting on that horse. But if you have reliable information that the horse is doing good or even better with the new jockey then you can definitely pick that pony.

We all know that horse race betting is a fun and exciting endeavor. It is the right mix of action and risk that makes horse race betting exciting and popular all over the world. Why is horse race betting risky-fun? Well, you have to take into consideration the number of factors which you have to research on before you can finalize you bets. You have to study each of the horses in the race and there are a number of horses in the competition. Being thorough and diligent when it comes to learning about the performance history of a horse, the jockey’s track record and the trainer’s reputation are just the top things you have to know to be able to make a wise decision or to make you profit from your bets. All the research may take a few hours of your day, but it is important to do it so that you have bigger chances of winning and making a profit at the end of the day.

Some of the things you must have when getting involved in horse race betting are having the discipline to place your bets and the budget to fund your betting activities. Always have a specific calculated budget. Stick to that budget and do not emotionally bet money, especially when you have a string of losses. When you keep on losing, it is time to cool off for a while and just come back after a few days or weeks have gone by. Always remember that you should only bet the amount you can afford to lose, so do not go over the top. The more you hold on to your money, the more races you can bet on and the more chances you will have of winning. At the end, you will see that you would have made a profit.

Another trick which smart bettors use to cut down the risk in horse betting is these people do a small series of bets rather than a onetime bigtime betting session. It is better to opt for small multiple bets like show or even place bets. These types of bets permit you to make a small profit that when totaled, results in a big amount. Also, better be a safe bettor and avoid those longshot types of odds. This should especially be avoided if you are still new to handicapping. It takes time to familiarize yourself with betting that involves handicapping.

So, remember to always do a thorough research on the horse. Do not go to the track without your notes. Also, do not insist on trusting your gut feeling. People who lose money mostly just rely on gut feeling for horse betting instead of working on their research in order to effectively make a profit on their bets.

If you are looking for horse race betting advice, we have some stuff which may help you with your game. The act of horse race betting is a fun process. Horse race betting is exciting because it has the right mixture of risk and action. Plus, to see those beautiful horses, that scene is sometimes more enjoyable to some people than watching football or basketball games. So now, here is an overview on horse race betting.

First, you have to try and learn the horse race betting system. What is horse race betting? You know that when you want to do race betting you have to do research right? You need to study the horses, the performance of the horse, the achievement of the jockey riding that horse and the track record of the trainer of that horse. Now, aside from those factors, horse race betting also relies on financial systems such as hedging and arbitrage. When you say hedging, it refers to the act of betting on several outcomes in a race. On the other hand, arbitrage betting is laying the race horse at a low price, while in the meantime, backing another horse on a larger price. The arbitrage and hedging systems are vital in horse race betting and for the bases of the horse race betting system you want to use.

Here are some horse race betting systems:

A. Speed Selection System

What the speed selection system does is it will be eliminating the choices to bet on as per the several criteria you need to apply. The criteria are the following:

• Throw out the horses that had its last two races on a track different from where your current race will be located.

• If you have a first time horse, avoid them.

• If the horse was not leading or was not within three lengths of the leader at every call in his last race, do not even think about betting on that horse.

• When the horse has raced in two different surfaces, avoid betting on that horse.

This system has now effectively cut your list of horses to bet on.

B. The Dutch Betting System

The Dutch Betting System is not a kind of handicapping method. What this betting system does is it employs to cover a certain number of horses in a particular race. So basically, the concept of this type of betting system is if you bet on more horses then you have better and bigger chances of winning.

Whatever betting system you try to adapt, always remember to do your research, set your bankroll and have lots of fun.